Life and Death in a Single Breath Volume 2; Poetry - poems about life

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Life and Death in a Single Breath; Poetry Books - poems about life

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Sample of my Poetry

Cover of my first collection of poetry, published in 2016.

Date: August 15, 2018


Lone Survivor

Restless days, sleepless nights

Bodies thrash together

Tensions rising into the sky

Wrestling with the fire between





Driving us to the limit

No retreat, no surrender

There will be but one survivor

Will on will

Steel on steel

Sparks flying from my anger

Words thrown like daggers

Piercing her to the heart

Shattered love

Broken dreams

Never will I admit my wrong

Though blood was let, still no regret

I can’t see past my folly

Crushing her love to his chest

Destroying it in my anger

I can’t let go

I must let go

Or all she is will perish


Restless days, sleepless nights

Walking the streets alone

Wrestling with the fire

No retreat

No surrender

I am the lone survivor

Written in the late 80's



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5-stars: M. Grimsrud Reviewed "Life and Death in a Single Breath"; September 5, 2016

Life and Death in a Single Breath; Poetry about Life; Poetry Books and collections of poems

5 Stars Mary_Kathryn Reviewed "Life and Death in a Single Breath"; August 31, 2016

Its wonderful to have it gathered and 

Every time I reread one of the poems or musings in this book I gain a new perspective or insight into myself or into the wrirer...into life itself. I've been a long time fan of the writer and for years feared the loss of his work. Its wonderful to have it gathered and shared. I know new readers will enjoy and gain as much as I have from this book. Hint-reread them at various times. ..sunrise with a cup of coffee or a rainy afternoon and see how they change.

5-Stars: Naoni reviewed "Life and Death in a Single Breath; July 10, 2016

A book worth reading!

The poetry in this book can really make you feel, the emotions portrayed really comes out. You can feel his love for his wife and the pain he has experienced in life. In the book you will read bits and pieces of the author's life so you get a glimpse into who he is that makes you want more of his story. 

Bobbi O. reviewed Life and Death in a Single Breath; July 7, 2016

Some of them I read over and over, getting something different each time, which is really amazing to me.

I received this book as a gift from a friend of the author. It is the only book I own. I was never much of a reader growing up and have never bought a book in my 50 plus years, let alone read one all the way through. When I am reading his poetry I find myself blocking out the world around me. It's something I never expected. I have laughed and cried while reading them. I can't really explain the effect it has on me, other than to say that it takes me away and I feel things I haven't felt before. I keep it on my nightstand and read one or two almost every night before going to sleep. I recommend this book to anyone that likes poetry, and even to those who think they don't, like me before I started reading it. 

Alan rated "Life and Death in a Single Breath" at 5-stars on Goodreads; Sept, 24, 2016

I won this book in a recent Goodreads First Reads giveaway.

I very rarely read poetry, as it usually doesn't hold my interest. This book is one of a very few that I have enjoyed and kept my interest until the end. I shall be keeping this book on my shelf to read again sometime. Recommended. 

April rated "Life and Death in a Single Breath" at 5-stars on Goodreads; Dec 12, 2016

It was amazing!

A wonderful collection of poems that held my interest. I would really recommend.

Marilyn Stanley rated "Life and Death in a Single Breath" at 4-stars on Goodreads. Nov 10, 2016