Life & Death in a Single Breath-Vol 2; Kindle Edition $.99! Paperback $4.99!

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The (Not So) Grim Reaper

Working on the final draft and the Cover. Coming along nicely.

Scheduled Release - August 6, 2018 (My wife Kim's Birthday!)

Life and Death in a Single Breath - Vol. 2

Finished with the final draft. Time to proof-read. Still on track for release this month.

Now available on at

Kindle edition only $.99!

"Family of a Killer" A Lazarus Solaris Novel

The Lazarus Chronicles, Book 2. 

How far will Lazarus go for a friend? A friend who has become part of Lazarus' new "Family".

News Update: I haven't touched this manuscript since August of last year - about a week before Hurricane Harvey Hit Rockport. I have been mulling over my plot for weeks in preparation for returning to working on it. Yesterday (April 28th,2018) I got it. Seriously, just that fast - I got what was wrong. I will, in essence, be starting over with "Family of a Killer". Such is the way I write. Kim loves the new plot. That's all I need to know. 

Optimistic  Release - November 27, 2018 (Our 10th Anniversary)

"The Demon Pope" (working title)

Can a fallen Angel work his way into the Papal seat? Is he seeking redemption, or retribution? Only time will tell.

Outline Stages  - 2019

"Thoughts on Alzheimer's"

A non-fiction accounting of my dealings with a misdiagnosis of Early Onset Alzheimer's and the struggles that ensued before the true cause of my memory lapses was uncovered.

Outline stages - targeted release 2019

"Pursuit of a Killer" A Lazarus Solaris Novel

The Lazarus Chronicles, Book 3 (Working title)

Outline Stages: Basic premise is that a rookie FBI agent has begun to piece together the works of the "Chameleon".

Way too damn early to think about a date!