Life & Death in a Single Breath-Vol 2; Kindle Edition $.99! Paperback $4.99!

The Lazarus Chronicles

Book One: Evolution of a KIller

The story of how Lazarus Solaris was transformed from the son of immigant farmers to one of the world's most sought after and efficient assassins; The Chameleon.  "Evolution of a Killer" order today!  Kindle $2.99 - Paperback $10.99 (Get the E-book for only $.99 if you order the paperback, too!

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Ebook available through Ingram Books:  ISBN: 9780692110973 EPUB Evolution of a Killer: A Lazarus Solaris Novel Ullrich, Robert MAY/17/2018 Now available for Printing/Download 

Book Two: Family of a Killer

The second novel takes off where the first ended, continuing to follow the journey of Lazarus Solaris. One of his closest friends is kidnapped by a Mexican Cartel in retribution for events from "Evolution of a Killer". You will learn just how far Lazarus will go for someone important to him. 

Book Three: Pending

All in due time.

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Reviews on "Evolution of a Killer"

Nick Fisher - beta reader: 5 Stars

March 9, 2018

I couldn’t put this book down, I was hooked in the opening pages.Lazarus is an interesting character. He is truly a nice guy but a badass champion when someone is being wronged. If you’re a fan of Jack Reacher you’re going to love this guy.

Mary_Kathryn: 5 Stars


Murder, mystery, sex, adventure, laughter, this book has it all! 

March 8, 2018

I love this storyline. I got to know Lazarus and some of what makes him tick. It also showcases his friends and cohorts in both his personal and professional life. The first of hopefully many more adventures begins with a plot winding its way through surprise twists and turns. Who knew it was possible to cheer for an assassin!?! I can't hardly wait for more of Lazarus and his unique mix of friends, foes and escapades!

Mary Beth McGee : 5 Stars


March 8, 2018

I was hooked from the beginning and can hardly wait to read Robert's next book. If you want a great read and a fun ride this is the book for you!

M. J. Grimsrud: 5 Stars

April 17, 2018

 If you like James Patterson, you will love Robert Ullrich! 

LOVED this book and looking forward to Book 2. All the suspense of a murder/mystery/thriller. Couldn't put it down. The author is a talented writer.

Ginny: 5 Stars

 April 24, 2018

Kept me turning the pages for more. 

A wonderful development of characters and what makes them who they are. The characters draw you in and keeps you waiting for the next twist in story. Looking forward to the next in the series.


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