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this darkness light michaelbrent collings



                      It is sometimes nigh impossible to review a novel like "This  Darkness Light" without sounding like you're getting paid to review it,  which I was not. This was the first and latest novel by Mb Collings I've  read. June of 2018 was the first, just finished the second. Yes - it's  that good.

Several have gone into detail concerning the plot and  characters, so I won't repeat those insights. I read This Darkness  Light the second time because the first left me mentally shell-shocked. I  was new to Mr. Collings as a reader. My intro to him was via Fivver and  a search for a cover for my first novel. Mb won the competition, so I  decided by way of gratitude I would give a couple of his books a read.

Damn  good call on my part. The prose in this particular novel is a  well-woven as the plot. The characters well-defined in a manner rarely  matched. Good vs. evil. Unsung heroes and heroines. Unlikely alliances  and unexpected turns.

The first novel I read twice was The Lord  of the Rings at the age of 15. I can count on one hand the books I love  enough to read time and again. I have now added This Darkness Light and  Mr. Collings along side of works by Tolkien, Stephen King, Anne Rice,  James Clavell, Alexander Dumas and T. H. H. White which I will never  tire of re-reading.

If you've read other works by MC, you'll  want to add this one. If you've never read anything by this author -  this is the perfect place to start.          

the terminal michaelbrent collings


 Another 5-star psychological horror thriller by Mb Collings. It may  remind you of other horror stories about creatures in the fog - forget  them. This is more about the individuals trapped in a bus terminal, by  an impenetrable fog that teems with life. The eclectic gathering of  souls are forced to decide which one will live, while the other captives  all die.

I found it captivating and challenging as I read  along, trying to determine the forces within the fog while studying the  characters thrown together by chance. The story flows well as Mr.  Collings makes the characters come alive. I won't say more or this will  become a spoiler. 

Suicide by Everest Scott J. Thurman


 This is my first read of a work by Author Scott Thurman, a talented writer with a knack for historical fiction.

"Suicide  by Everest"; a title that catches you eye and curiosity - it did mine. I  am somewhat familiar with the Prestige which comes from scaling her,  and the exceptional risks.

"Suicide" is the story of Brigham  Young VIII, son of Brigham Young VII and what I perceive as the struggle  to wear such a famous name. The pressure, the expectations, the life of  privilege tempered by the expectations of such a legacy in the Mormon  community.

It also deals quite well with the loss of a parent - the different effects on siblings and others left behind.

I  am not a "spoiler" reviewer. I read it - you should, too. It may help  you understand the reality of growing up with a "famous" name draped  over you like a mantle.

Good character development - meaningful dialogue - unique story line.

"Suicide by Everest" is out of my preferred genres in reading - but well worth the side-trip.

Put it on your want-to-read shelf today. 

Ambush (Sydney Rose Parnell, #3) Barbara Nickless



The Story gets better

I don't give 5  stars to many novels. I'm a late life writer with 3 novels of my own.  Ambush earned them. I was entertained, stressed out, drawn completely in  and fought back tears more than once. I could go on about the plot and  characters, but I won't. It's not my style of reviewing.

I only  have one thing to say. "Ambush", should be read by every veteran, peace  officer, dog lover and anyone with a pulse which increases when faced  with the exceptional.          

ace lone wolf and the hidden fortress Eric T. Knight


 All Ace wants to do is sell the black pearls he got from the ghost ship. Why does it have to be so complicated?
After  surviving the an up-close encounter with a shark, Ace heads back to the  hidden fortress in the Sierra Madre Mountains where he grew up. Little  does he know that a war is about to break out, a war that threatens the  very existence of his clan.

Two Mexican generals have joined  together in rebellion against the government. They have the soldiers.  They have the money. They just need to rid themselves of a pesky band of  Apaches--Ace's clan.

Teaming up with Tom Jeffords, the former  Indian agent who was blood brother to Chief Cochise, Ace has to find a  way for his people to survive. Even if it means allying with the hated  Yaqui tribe.

(Based on actual events.) 

Prey for the Dead Susanne Leist


 While not in my wheelhouse as a general rule, I found "Prey for the  Dead" a good change of pace. I'm not much for spoilers in reviews, so  you won't get a of of detail. The characters are well defined, and their  interactions intriguing. This is a story with a supernatural side,  where mortals mix with Vampires in a fairly symbiotic relationship. I  would strongly suggest you read the first book by the author in this  series. It will definitely assist you in "Prey for the Dead."