The Lazarus Chronicles, by Robert Ullrich are available from Amazon Kindle


Book One: Evolution of a KIller

The story of how Lazarus Solaris was transformed from the son of immigrant farmers to one of the world's most sought after and efficient assassins; The Chameleon.  "Evolution of a Killer" get your copy today.  Kindle Edition only $.99 - Paperback $9.99 !

Cover Design by Michaelbrent Collings:

Book Two: Family of a Killer

The second of the Lazarus Chronicles. The kidnapping of q CIA agent and friend of Lazarus  sparks an all-out-war with a Mexican Cartel to bring 'MR. black home. Along the way, Lazarus catches a glimpse of the true meaning of family.

Cover Design by Phantom Scorpio Productions:


The once, almost invisible "Chameleon gained world-wide-attention a result of laying waste to a one-time powerful drug Cartel.  Now, his enemies are set on baiting the Assassin ouit into the open. Meanwhile, the past catches up to someone close to Lazarus. Will be able  to deal with the distraction while he is being hunted?


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